About the Brand

Tambran by Tamara is an eco-jewelry brand, based in Grenada. In the Caribbean, we generate approximately 350 million tons of municipal waste materials annually, contributing to many environmental problems and increase in climate change issues. At, Tambran by Tamara love the environmental and so, we transform waste recyclable materials such as plastic bottles, vinyl, etc and locally-sourced natural materials, such as tamarind and donkey-eye seeds, into one of a kind wearable jewelry and art-cessories. We are so happy that our mission and operations of making luxury eco-jewelry and accessories, is making a positive, sustainable impact on the environment by reducing the
amount of MSW and carbon footprints on the environment, promoting zero waste and making your look fabulous! We also urge you to do your part in environmental preservation by shopping from Tambran by Tamara. Nature, Re-Fashioned!

About the Founder

The creative mind, and hands, behind the Tambran by Tamara brand is Grenadian born Tamara Prosper. Tamara?s curiosity and love for Art turned her creative personal projects into an immersion in the field of Art and Design at a young age. She topped her Visual Art class at secondary school and pursued a Cambridge A Level Degree in Art and Design. Realising her growing interest in experimental, wearable Art, and the quest to set trends in this area regionally, Tamara pursued Art in an unconventional way: creating one of a kind jewelry and accessories from recyclable materials, unused seeds, fibres and construction waste materials. Having invested in her love for Art, Tamara is now the founder and manager of the Tambran by Tamara eco-friendly jewelry line which was birthed in 2013 and is currently registered in both Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago.

The creation of drama and distinction is a trademark of Tamara?s bold statement jewelry pieces. By combining a variety of colours, textures, and layers, she creates stunning collections that can fit into the style and budget of any consumer. Tamara aims to design beautiful, timeless pieces of jewelry, embedding that quintessential je ne sais quoi into each piece ? from the smallest earring to the largest necklace. She continues to embrace and create eclectic designs and pieces that complement the strength and beauty of the fashion forward and environmentally aware individuals who wear them. Read full bio


We are always interested in partnering with distributors to promote our products within markets outside of Grenada.