Meet The Owner – Tamara Prosper

The creative mind, and hands, behind the Tambran by Tamara brand is Grenadian born Tamara Prosper. Tamara?s curiousity and love for Art turned her creative personal projects into an immersion in the field of Art and Design at a young age. She topped her Visual Art class at secondary school and pursued a Cambridge A Level Degree in Art and Design. Realising her growing interest in experimental, wearable Art, and the quest to set trends in this area regionally, Tamara pursued Art in an unconventional way: creating one of a kind jewelry and accessories from recyclable materials, unused seeds, fibres and construction waste materials. Having invested in her love for Art, Tamara is now the founder and manager of the Tambran by Tamara eco-friendly jewelry line which was birthed in 2013 and is currently registered in both Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago.

The creation of drama and distinction is a trademark of Tamara?s bold statement jewelry pieces. By combining a variety of colours, textures, and layers, she creates stunning collections that can fit into the style and budget of any consumer. Tamara aims to design beautiful, timeless pieces of jewelry, embedding that quintessential je ne sais quoi into each piece ? from the smallest earring to the largest necklace. She continues to embrace and create eclectic designs and pieces that complement the strength and beauty of the fashion forward and environmentally aware individuals who wear them.

Tamara continues to seek avenues for her growth as an entrepreneur and that of her company. In her pursuit of growth, she has won many awards and accolades including Best Environmental Entrepreneur
at the Caribbean Innovation Challenge 2013 in Barbados; Eco-Retro award at the Talent and Innovation Challenge of the Americas 2015 in Paraguay, the Environmental Excellence Award 2016 in Grenada; Kookmin Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2016 in Seoul, South Korea; among others. Tambran by Tamara has also been featured regionally in fashion shows and competitions. Pieces from the brand were featured in the Caribbean Next Top Model in 2017 and showcased at regional fashion shows including Red Runway Trinidad and San Fernando Fashion Week in 2013; Grenada Chocolate Festival 2019 at Silver Sands Resort, etc. Tambran by Tamara also has a partnership with Abi Ferrin flagship store
in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Do you wish to stand out even more? Looking for unique pieces that perfectly complement your style? Then Tambranify ? make a bold fashion statement while taking care of the environment.

Tambran by Tamara: Nature, Re-Fashioned!

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